07 aprile 2007


Ecco qui è capitato anche a me, Carola mi ha taggato e ora io rispondo all'appello!

1) grab the book closest to -
2) open the page 123, go down to the 4th sentence -
A voice cuts into my thoughts and I look up to see Eric heading across the floor toward me. Quickly I hide my lists under a MaxMara catalog and scan the shop floor to make sure there isn't some lurking customer I've missed. But there's no one. Trade hasn't exactly picked up in the last few days.

3)post the text of the following 3 sentences on your blog --
Thruth to be told, we've had yet another disaster. Someone in marketing decided to start a "word on the street" campaign, hiring students to talk about The Look and hand out leaflets in cafés. Which would have been gret if they hadn't handed them to a gang of shoplifters, whi proceeded to come in and pinch the entire range of Benefit cosmetics. They were caught, but even so. The Daily world had a total field day , about how "The Look is so desperate, it's now inviting in convicted criminals."
The place feels emptier than ever, and to cap it all, five members of the staff resigned this week. No wonder Eric looks so grumpy.

4) name of the author and book

Sophie Kinsella, Shopaholic and Baby

5) tag 3 people of your own

Francesca, Lisa, Simona

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